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The site is a proof of concept made for The Proofreader Group on Fimfiction, but it already works. The development still continues, even if unseen (and irregularly). This site requires a fairly up-to-date browser with JavaScript enabled to work. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions, or error reports, via my profile on Fimfiction, or fill in this Google form.

Kody Wiremane

Select search criteria wisely! Too many matches? Add more restrictions. No matches at all? Loosen your search request.

1.1: The engine's source data is proofreader records from the document system; filtering is per-field and strict. This means, if a field contains a value that is allowed (or ignored) by the filter, that record matches and gets displayed; if the field value is disallowed by the filter, that record does not match and goes invisible.

1.2: An exclusion: filtering by accepting status Oneshots Only includes records with status Yes by default, because those accepting everything are expected to accept a oneshot as well.

2: Consequently, no more than three preferred genres should be selected. Since our proofreaders are not allowed to choose more than three preferred genres, doing this will cause you to come up with NO RESULTS.

3.1: It is recommended to begin with restricting the genre filtering criteria. Likes and dislikes means the tag must be present among a proofreader's preferred or non-preferred genres respectively. May like and may dislike means the tag must be absent from their non-preferred or preferred genres respectively. Any means this tag won't affect search.

3.2: Begin with selecting may like for genres involved in your story. Then try switching main genres of the story to likes, watching the match count carefully. If after a switching the count changes to zero, undo the switching and try other tags.

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